Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gay Marriage...

What is all the fuss about Gay Marriage?

Some of my best friends are Gay. God know's I'm memorialized every Halloween by my loyal fans.

I think if a man wants to be with a man or a woman with a woman that's great - more power to them if they can stand to be around each other all day every day let them do it. The terminology "Gay Marriage" is what bothers me. This term sounds more like an off Broadway Play title than some kind of legal term. "Civil Union" is better, but still not quite there, civil union sounds too sterile, like a medical problem. Did you hear about Kenny?? he has "Civil Union"

I think it should be called "Sarriage" this works by combining Same with Marriage.

"Are you married?"

"No, I'm Sarried"

And as for all the Bible Thumpers out there. It's funny how the Bible is used in it's "Litteral" terms to justify something they want changed or they don't believe in. I won't bother giving examples, I've never actually read the bible. Too many words, too close together not enough space between lines. I've seen enough people talk about it online and heard people talk about it in person to believe it's true.

I just don't understand the problem.
Marriage =
Two people living together under one roof (or not).
Making money together (or not).
Raising kids (or not).
Keeping secrets (or not).  
Having affairs (or not).
Fighting over money (or not)
Fighting over in laws (or not)
Fighting over anything and everything (or not)

If this is good enough for straight people, why not let gay people experience it? It's not like marriage is such a great thing. In fact, from my perspective, it seems the gay people I know have better relationships than most straight people I know. 

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